Our Investment Approach

Our experienced team at Thorntons Investments have been successfully looking after our clients’ wealth over many years, through good times and bad. Mindful of our clients’ trust in us, we believe in a calm and considered investment management approach – protecting and growing their investments over the long term. 

We are clear in our investment philosophy, our process and how we work to achieve the risk-return balance for each client.

We are proud to provide our clients with investment advice and a service some might consider based on old-fashioned values: creating and protecting clients’ wealth while managing and minimising risk prudently. 

With offices in Dundee and Edinburgh, we offer a personal, independent investment management service, building clients strong, long-term investment strategies.

Please remember that the value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you invest.

Investment philosophy

Our aim is to generate a positive investment return over the medium to longer term, while generating an honest income and minimising the volatility or risk of your investment.

We recognise that markets can go through phases of being overly optimistic or cautious. We believe good long-term investment performance comes from avoiding being caught up in these extreme phases and concentrating on protecting and growing the real underlying value of your investment. 

Investment process

Our experienced team hold investment management committee meetings monthly to review strategy, allocation and individual investments. We are independently minded and careful in our decision-making. And with our in-depth experience of institutional fund management and discretionary funds, our heads are not easily turned by fashion.

We put the emphasis on a sensible spread of risk in our investment models. As well as diversifying investment funds to mitigate individual fund risk, we make sure there is no unintended correlation across individual investments.  

We focus on making sure that income generation is both sustainable and capable of growing, especially in the current climate of depressed bank deposit and gilt returns.

We aim for low turnover of investments. We believe high turnover investment funds underperform their more restrained competitors over time and mean additional costs for investors. Also, we see low investment turnover as confirmation of a correct investment strategy.

We are always happy to talk to clients about their investments, ongoing strategy and fund management options. Contact our investment advisors to discuss how we can help you with your investments. 

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