Model Portfolios

Our AIM Inheritance Tax Service is now available as a Model Portfolio. Only available through qualified financial advisers.

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At Thorntons, our investment management philosophy and process centre on protecting and growing our clients’ investments over the long term.

We believe in minimising and managing risk prudently and careful, strategic investment decision-making to achieve our investment aims for clients. As part of this, we provide a range of five risk-targeted investment models, all with the aim of achieving long-term capital growth.

We work closely with clients to establish their attitude to risk and their investment requirements and financial circumstances, so we can make sure they are comfortable with their investment decisions.

Please remember that the value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you invest.

Our range of investment models


The primary aim here is to minimise the volatility of the value of the investment funds, at the same time as generating an income greater than that achieved by a bank account. This approach is suitable for a low risk investor, as assets will primarily be invested in fixed interest funds, with a very low exposure to equities.

Thorntons Model Portfolio - Cautious


With this model, the main aim is to generate a reasonable and growing level of income, while managing the volatility risk of the capital. This is suitable for a low/medium risk investor, and assets will be invested across a range of equities, property and fixed interest funds.

Thorntons Model Portfolio - Steady


This model’s main aim is to consistently return both capital and income growth over the medium to longer term. The approach is suitable for a medium risk investor, as assets are invested with a higher weighting in UK and international equities, at the same time as retaining significant positions in property and fixed interest funds.

Thorntons Model Portfolio - Moderate


The primary aim here is to achieve long-term capital growth while producing a lower, but progressive level of income. Suitable for a medium/high risk investor, this model’s investments primarily consist of equities, while retaining a spread of property and fixed interest investments to spread risk.

Thorntons Model Portfolio - Progressive


This model’s primary aim is to return a high level of capital return over the longer term, at the same time as delivering a small, but growing level of income. This approach is suitable for a high risk investor, as assets will predominantly be invested in international and UK equities with a small proportion in bonds and property.

Thorntons Model Portfolio - Adventurous

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