Discretionary Investment Management

At Thorntons Investments, our top priority is always the client.  With a traditional emphasis on personal service, we believe in building relationships, trust and individual investment solutions.

Every client is an individual to us. We work to know you, your investment objectives and attitude to risk, so our advice is rooted in understanding your individual situation.

We hope, once you get to know us,  you will trust our judgment and our commitment to delivering clear, honest investment advice and management. We are proud so many clients trust us to look after financial wellbeing and protect their wealth.

Whether you are looking to set up an investment strategy for the long-term or one-off investment advice, you can rely on our expertise to help you to find the right investment outcomes.  It is important to remember however that investing carries a degree of risk and volatility and this is not the same as putting cash in a deposit account. The value of investments fluctuate each day and can fall as well as rise.  That’s why during our discussions we assess how much risk you can afford to take and the impact on you should you not get back what you invest. 

Individual tailored advice

We take time to make sure your investment strategy and choices are right for you and your objectives. We discuss and review your financial requirements and aims, and assess your investment needs and sensitivity to risk. Only once we have a clear picture of your investment profile and your aims, will we develop and propose an investment strategy. This will also take into account any tax implications.

We can:

  • Advise you on building a portfolio to meet your investment goals and circumstances
  • Assess your existing portfolio of investments to see if it matches your objectives, and advise on changes if needed
  • Provide investment advice on specific investments or investment planning.

Ongoing portfolio management

We can look after your portfolio of investments over the long term, helping make sure it is on course to meet your strategy and adapting to any change in your circumstances. Depending on your circumstances  we may recommend either discretionary or advisory portfolio management options>

  • Discretionary:
    We make the investment decisions and changes on your behalf, in line with your agreed investment objectives, informing you afterwards.  You can tell us at the start or at any point to avoid certain shares or sectors. This arrangement means we can react quickly on investment decisions and frees you from day-to-day portfolio decision-making.
  • Non-Discretionary:
    We recommend investments and changes to you in line with your agreed investment strategy.  We then wait for your agreement before making any change.

With both these options, we take care of all the relevant paperwork for you, and guide you on any issues related to your holdings, such as mergers, acquisitions, reconstructions, rights and scrip issues, and other corporate actions.

We also set up arrangements to deal with income from your investments as you choose:  paying income to your bank account or reinvesting it if you prefer.

Every six months we will send you a report, a portfolio valuation and our latest review of investment markets.  Once a year we also issue you a Tax Summary and can provide you with a tax service if needed.

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