Pension Planning

We offer independent pensions advice, built round your needs and requirements. We cut through the complex jargon and confusing choices for you.

We focus on what you want from your pension and your retirement finances and help you achieve it.
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The world of pensions is continually shifting due to successive governments changing rules and allowances. Our independent financial advisors keep on top of the changes and the market-wide options so we can give you all the choices available.

Pre-retirement planning

We discuss with you the retirement income you want and any one-off future costs you need to budget for. We then look at the pension contracts you have built up, and can help track down any ‘lost’ pensions.

This ‘pensions audit’ allows us to evaluate what level of pension and/or lump sum might be available to you at retirement. If this is not on target for what you will need, we can advise you on the most efficient way to invest to provide any extra income required. This may involve paying into a plan, from the most basic Stakeholder Pension to more complex pension drawdown and Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) arrangements.

Please be aware that the value of investments can fall as well as rise. You may not get back what you invest.

At retirement

Many of our clients look to us for specialist advice as they approach retirement. And now you have increasing flexibility in how you can use your pension savings to provide a retirement income and capital, with a move away from the focus on annuities.

We know every client’s circumstances are unique and we focus on the best options for structuring income and capital in line with your needs.

During retirement

It is important to ensure your retirement income continues to meet your changing needs over the years. We offer regular reviews to check your finances are on track and to advise you on the available options to make sure your pension keeps pace with changes in your circumstances.

On divorce or separation

Pension savings can be an important asset to consider in a divorce or civil partnership dissolution. We can advise you on the implications and suitability of the different options:  pensions sharing, pensions earmarking and pensions offsetting.

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